Quick Guide for First-Time Home Buyers



If you're a first-time homebuyer, you'll need a little extra hand-holding, I have years of experience "mastering" the steps that lead to a first home purchase for you. It's about handling the details so that you don't have to. For example:

  1. First meeting: We usually meet at my office and I have you tell me about the home you envision living in. I help you prioritize the most important features, keeping in mind schools, work commute and neighborhood feel.
  2. Pre Approval: In a fast-moving real estate market, it's extremely important to get pre-approved for a mortgage loan before you see a home. If you are not yet pre- approved, I am ready to connect with you leading lenders in the area with a financing program that will suit your needs. Once you are equipped with a pre-approval letter from your lender, you're truly ready to get started!
  3. Home Search: I'll set up a daily email to you of homes as they come on the market. This way you receive all the latest information "hot off the press." I ask for your feedback on the homes which sound the most interesting, and we compare this to the priorities we set. Then it's time to set up an appointment to go out and look!
  4. The Offer: This process might be quick, or it may take a little longer than you expected. Be patient. We'll find the right home. When we do, we'll then sit down together and write an offer, which I will present it to the seller on your behalf.
  5. Your Advocate: The seller may accept your offer, or they may counter your offer. This is where my negotiating experience comes in. It's my job to represent you to the seller, and when we come to an agreement, to take care of all the paperwork, inspections, appointments, legal documentation, and follow-ups right up to the moment when you get the keys to your new home!